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Back on the Radar is back!

6 week introductory courses in Stockbridge starting

5th September and 7th November 2018.


Back on the Radar.

6 week introductory courses in the Alexander Technique.


We, Sarah Bonner-Morgan and Ruth Maxwell, are taking the Alexander Technique out of the cupboard and putting it firmly and gently back on the radar. We love it. We love the spring it gives our step and the potential of calm in a busy day. For people who care about the zeitgeist this is embodied mindfulness for daily living.

You will enjoy this course. It’s going to be fun, friendly, interesting, interactive, challenging and stimulating. Be prepared to laugh, bond, play and feel a little vulnerable at moments.

We’ve booked the St Bernard’s room at the LifeCare centre in Stockbridge and it’s running as an early evening, straight-after-work course (we’ll provide some snacks to keep you going).

We love teaching together and look forward to working with you.

6 week courses: Wednesday early evenings 5.30 – 7pm

5th September – 10th October 2018

7th November - 12th December 2018

LifeCare Centre, 2 Cheyne St, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1JB

£90 for the full course of six sessions. Limited to 12 people so early booking advised. Some concessionary places available.

On this beginner-friendly, limited-number, introductory course people will be there for different reasons;

Old fashioned back pain

Modern-day screen-addicted lifestyle ailments

Enhancing yoga, pilates and meditation practices

The posture thing

Freeing up for running, walking and sports

Fine-tuning musicianship

Presenting and performing


Tackling the gardening

Quietening the mind

A little pocket of breathing space

Others not mentioned

Some FAQs -

What should I wear?

This isn’t a gym or yoga session and you won’t be building up a sweat but we will be moving and may be working on the floor from time to time so most people prefer to wear loose fitting trousers or leggings rather than tight-fitting jeans. Bring along extra layers as you might feel colder as you release deep tensions.

Do I need to bring anything?

Do bring along a blanket or yoga mat for floor work and if it’s easy for you to do so, a couple of paperback books to support your head in the bit of the class known as ‘constructive rest’.

I’m not in perfect health at the moment, will it be OK if I don’t do everything you suggest in the class?

This is the place where we explore how to think and move with less tension and without force. No one is going to make you do anything that is too much for you on any level. When we ourselves make the decision to take action (or not) we come into balance. This practice will help with feeling OK about doing less when you’re back in the outside world.

I’m 18 – am I too young to come along?

Because this Technique looks at choice and decision making it really helps if you yourself have made the final decision and you aren’t coming just because your Mum/Dad/Gran/Music Teacher thinks it would be a good idea. We offer a concession for students. Sarah and Ruth have both worked with teenagers who have benefitted in many ways especially around the areas of exam stress, hunched posture, playing music and taking up their rightful space in the world.

I’m 89 – am I too old?

Nope. If you still have mobility and are happy being out and about and your mind is sharp you will be fine. We will be looking at how our thinking effects movement – it’s not a fast-paced exercise or fitness class. This is a turbo-charged mind work-out which happens to benefit the physical side of things. Sarah’s oldest student was in her nineties and she regularly works with octogenarians.

I’ve done some Alexander before. Would I still benefit from coming along?

We would love you to come and everyone would benefit from your experience. As you know, learning this Technique is an ever-deepening process and working with different teachers can give a fresh view-point.

What if I can’t make all six sessions

We will revise and recap on a regular basis during the course so you won’t feel left out or feel that you’ve missed any essential pieces of the jigsaw.

Will there be homework?

Yes! But the kind of homework that might feel more like playing and experimenting and you’ll be practicing on the simple everyday tasks that you do anyway.

I can’t make this course – will there be others?

Yes! Please let us know and we’ll put you on our mailing list.

We hope this helps but don’t hesitate to give one of us a ring if you have any other questions.

Hope to see you there!

Love Sarah and Ruth

About Us

Ruth (says Sarah) “is a shiny, vibrant, intuitive, creative and newly-minted teacher of the Alexander Technique who has returned to her home town of Edinburgh. She has a marketing background, knows all about sitting in offices and traveling for work. Originally a singer, her stage (and personal) presence is awesome”

Sarah (says Ruth) “is a spiritual creature and has been teaching in Edinburgh for nearly twenty years weaving together the Alexander Technique, dance, voice work, martial arts, music and meditation”

Both Sarah and Ruth completed their 3 years full-time training in London (though at different training schools) and have been certified by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Become more living....


Hello! If you’ve found your way here chances are you might have been to a group class or you’ve been recommended by a friend.  You probably already know something about this fascinating, brilliantly perplexing, seemingly upside-down thinking world of the Alexander Technique where you come face to face with your ‘habits of a lifetime’ and learn to deal with them by NOT DOING.


A mini lesson....


Choose an action… but don’t do it…!

for instance you might choose picking up your phone… …if you are reading this on your mobile, you might choose raising your other arm.

Watch what happens as you DON’T carry out your original idea…

See where your attention has gone.  Our thoughts are lightening fast…

See if you can let go of the whole idea of doing whatever it was…. 

Watch your thinking and your body’s response to NOT doing anything…

Notice your breathing, your vision, little twitches and wriggles as your muscles re-establish balance…you might notice the room coming back into view, sounds from inside or outside, perhaps your breathing relaxing…be curious, be fascinated…

Now, from the new place of observation, choose your next action….and actually carry it out….

How was it?

How are you?

Try out the whole sequence again..

What do you notice….