Living Alexander

The Alexander Technique is a solid, pragmatic, tried-and-tested for over 100 years way to get back on track, regain the support of your back and dip your toe into the waters of non-doing, authentic presence, mindful awareness and, well, your innate joy and playfulness. Alexander himself was an indie-thinker back in the 1890s systematically working out what he was doing that was causing him grief and scuppering his stage performances. He watched himself like a hawk, recognised his own unconscious sabotaging body-patterns and came to the conclusion that in order to change the way he was going about things he had to stop in their (brain) tracks whatever unconscious habits were running the show. I could go on and on about the benefits of this thought-provoking, mind-changing, body-sorting technique but suffice to say, it works.

One To One

“The weirdest thing about the Alexander Technique…is that it works!”  Allette  (childen’s author and lecturer).
We all want to live well, happily and free from suffering. We all want to do what we do with ease, efficiency, effectiveness… and some kind of grace.
So take a moment to notice how you are, now, as you read this?
Are you crumpled, contracted, toppling over to one side or balanced and breathing freely?  Are you cheerful or desperate or somewhere in between?  How is your shoulder as you scroll down this page?  Where are your feet?  Are you in the world or lost in this page? Are you finding these questions interesting or frustrating?
Living Alexander meets you where you are in your life and helps you to find a strongly supported, grounded, vital, spacious and flexible – and ultimately less achy and painful - way of doing whatever it is that you choose to do in your life - by learning and practising how ‘not to do’ it.  
You will be learning the tools practised by many people who have truly mastered a skill, are on top of their game and are able to meet life with an easy, playful, compassionate confidence. You will be exploring the potential of NOT doing the wrong thing….so that the ‘right’ thing can do itself.

Group Classes

Bespoke group classes
“The Alexander Technique is like sticking plaster….it only works if you apply it”  Majorie Barlow.
A great way to learn the technique is to get together with people who share your interest and/or share your life challenges and, as a group, learn to apply the Technique.
Over the years I have taught and presented the Alexander Technique to many groups sharing a common goal or interest; orchestras and individual groups of instrument sections, choirs, lawyers, people working with mental health difficulties, doctors, yoga classes, physiotherapists, parents and music teachers.
Privately I teach golfers, chess players, table tennis players, primary school teachers, university lecturers, accountants, psychotherapists and counsellors, dancers, runners, film-makers, social workers, financial directors, artists, writers, directors, musicians, students, parents and grandparents ….if you would like to organize a short course in the Alexander Technique with colleagues, friends or family let me know.


Middle-Eastern Spirituality:

Twelve years ago, drawn by the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, I began to explore the path of Universal Sufism which was brought to the West by Hazrat Inayat Khan, a classical musician from India.  It has at its core the experience and expression of love within the heart and doesn’t belong to any religion…Six years ago I embarked on the 3 year AILP Interspiritual Leadership Programme in Germany with my teacher Neil Douglas-Klotz (  I now lead meditation and dance practices and regularly lead workshops in the Edinburgh Festival of Middle-Eastern Peace and Spirituality, often co-leading with Jenny Williams. 
Chinese Internal Martial Arts:
I have been studying martial arts with my teacher Bob Coleman for over thirty years. Initially Tai Chi, I now study Bagua and Xingyi. I coach people privately in the Yang style tai chi long form. Stay tuned for news about new classes.



If it’s not Play, Don’t do it!  (Marshall Rosenberg, paraphrasing Joseph Campbell)
Voice Play at the Cutting Edge
This is where my love of play, stillness, non-doing, Holy Fooling, Alexander Technique, inner child befriending, and voice work all comes together. 
At the moment I offer an experience called Voice Play at the Cutting Edge for those courageous souls who wish to explore the process of play as a means of drawing out our inner creative voices. 
Using tools from the Alexander Technique we quieten down our logical, thinking minds. We are then able to listen to and allow the expression of the threads of inarticulate, inchoate sound-leads from within…. In a group we meet, join and circumnavigate other exploratory voicings, weaving them into a sound pattern in the space around us. t may include silence, long periods of inactivity, bold movements, loud noises and playful touch…This work can be deeply moving, can open our sensitive listening faculties to an unexplored degree and may lead to a sense of blissful connection to ourselves, others and our environment. 
If it sounds fascinating and delightful…please join us!
If this sounds strange, weird and alarming… it’s probably not quite the thing for you at the moment.
Voice Play can be hugely frustrating and sometimes a bit scary for some of our inner children….it may include silence, long periods of inactivity, bold movements, loud noises and playful touch…